Dream Yoga

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From the Back Cover

The aspirant tries to be conscious of his own dream; hence, he becomes a spectator and actor of a dream with the advantage of being able to abandon the scene at will in order to move freely in the Astral World. Then the aspirant, free of the limitations of the flesh, outside the physical body, will have discarded his old familiar environment and penetrated a universe ruled by different laws. The discipline of the dream state of Tantric Buddhists methodically leads us to the awakening of our Consciousness. Gnostics can awaken to the real state of Illumination only through the understanding and elimination of dreams. Sacred scriptures from Hindustan solemnly assert that the whole world is Brahma’s dream. Having this Hindu postulate as a base, let us emphasize that “when Brahma awakens, his dream ends.” As long as the aspirant does not achieve the radical dissolution, not only of dreams, but of their psychological generators as well, absolute awakening is impossible. The definite awakening of the Consciousness is possible only by means of a radical transformation.

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Dream Yoga: Consciousness, Astral Projection, and the Transformation of the Dream State

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